3 Tips to Make Your Marriage Successful

A man walked into our office and told me he wanted a divorce. Why? I asked. My wife threw out my favorite cargo shorts. Is that all? I asked. No, but I was in them at the time...

During the last thirty plus years, I have seen many people inquiring about divorce and represented many. Articles written on divorce give many reasons, like lack of commitment, arguing, infidelity, marrying too young, lack of equality in the relationship, and abuse. The main reason has been finances. When people do not have money, they wind up seeking divorce.

Below are a few tips that I recommend:

Tip One. One of the best things you can do before and while you are married is to discuss and implement a budget for you both to live on. Do not forget savings in your budget. I suppose this could be grouped into lack of commitment, which according to most articles accounts as the main reason for getting divorced (about 70% of the time). We think about our cars maintenance so we get oil changes after reaching the mileage statistic. Why do we not maintain our marriages? Marriages take maintenance too.

Tip Two. Make it a priority to schedule a date with your significant other each week. Show appreciation, some passion, some thoughtfulness, and you may not have to see a divorce lawyer for services. If you have issues with your marriage that cannot be resolved you should seek help.

Tip Three. If you cannot fix it alone, go to a qualified marriage counselor. If you wait too long people become disconnected with their partner and when people are emotionally detached it often becomes too late to reconcile.

And remember do not throw away your partner’s stuff without discussion. I may not have treasured cargo shorts, but there are things I treasure. If you treasure your partner, think about my tips for a successful relationship.