Private Mediation is where the parties see a mediator without attorneys. Mediation is most effective before parties file documentation with the court, and often prior to the parties even hiring attorneys.  Private mediation is also effective when there is a need to modify support and timesharing after a final judgment.

Mediation is the process where a neutral and impartial third party, the mediator, encourages and facilitates the resolution of a dispute between the parties. Mediation can result in more creative resolutions than through the Court. Private mediations begin with an orientation, financial inventory and assessment. From that point, the issues – typically include parental responsibility, timesharing, parenting plan, equitable distribution, (division of assets and debts) and support (alimony and child support). These issues are prioritized and addressed.

The entire mediation process can last anywhere from three to six sessions, depending on the issues as well as the ability of the parties involved to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Mr. Sorkin will usually write the settlement agreement with the parties so that the parties can see the agreement come together as the process runs its course. Throughout the process, Mr. Sorkin’s emphasis is on children and family.

Family courts now Order parties in all family law cases to mediation prior to the time of trial. If mediation is to occur at some point, it is best that it happen as early as possible. A significant portion of Mr. Sorkin's practice is working with parties who have not yet hired counsel, nor started the Court process. Mediation participants are free to consult with attorneys before and during the process of mediation. If you have any legal questions you should consult with an attorney because the mediator is not an attorney for either party and does not give legal advice; only legal information.

If you are unsure about whether private mediation is the best decision for you, Mr. Sorkin staff can help you determine whether mediation is appropriate for your specific circumstances. Private mediation does require both parties to cooperate in the mediation process.

*Private mediation participants receive no free office consultation. Private mediation starts upon the first conference.


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