Attorney's can be affordable in Family Law, Paternity, and Divorce

There is no reason for people with family law, paternity and divorce issues not to have lawyer representation. Besides full representation attorneys can provide “Unbundled” legal services. Unbundled legal services are where clients hire an attorney to perform a specific project or represent them for only a limited issue instead of the entire legal process and matter. There is no standard unbundled piecework because lawyers perform many tasks and clients have different needs.  Some specific tasks that clients may hire lawyers to perform include (but are not limited to):  case analysis, appearing for a hearing on child support, time-sharing, drafting pleadings, drafting settlement agreements, drafting parenting plans, appearing at mediation, advising about law and court procedures, advising about other dispute resolution options, suggesting documents to be prepared, reviewing documents, drafting documents, investigating, referring experts, performing legal research, evaluating settlement options, planning for negotiations, providing telephone assistance during negotiations, planning for court appearances, appearing in court for a limited purpose, and assisting with an appeal. Unbundled legal services are like an à la carte menu at a restaurant. Many people need these services because of the fees created by parties in contested family law and divorce cases. Traditional legal services are complete or full representation from the beginning through the end of case. The choice of options is available to all regardless of your budget.