When there is a child between the parties under the age of eighteen (18) child support must be determined by using the child support guidelines. Children of unwed parents are entitled to the same child support as children of married parents. The guidelines are based on: the number of children, the financial resources and needs of both parents, the timesharing plan, the physical and emotional and educational needs of the children, the costs of medical insurance, and cost of child care or after school care.

Parents cannot agree to waive child support because it is against the law and the public policy of the State of Florida. Child Support is the right of the child, not the parents.

Child Support is a mathematical recipe with four ingredients:

  1. Basic Obligation.
  2. Medical Insurance Cost for the Children.
  3. Child Care for the children when parents are working or are in school.
  4. Overnights the children spend with each parent.

First, the parents' net monthly income is determined according to Statute. Each parents' percentage of the combined net income is applied to a predetermined statutory chart to determine the basic child support obligation for each parent.

Second, the parent's percentage is applied to the cost of the medical insurance for the minor children alone.

Third, the parent's percentage is applied to child care.

Fourth, the number of overnights for each parent is converted into a percentage.

The total of these four factors is the monthly child support obligation for each parent. However, there are circumstances to deviate up or down from the above calculated amount. 

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