At the Broward County Florida Law offices of Sorkin and Sorkin, PL, our attorneys, John and Robin Sorkin, have a background in family law litigation and mediation as well as many years of experience in divorce-related matters. This background has given them the experience you need to ensure that all aspects of your family law case, including financial matters, are fully developed to your situation prior to final settlement or trial.

John R. Sorkin

John R. Sorkin graduated from Temple University and from the Nova University School of Law. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1980, Mr. Sorkin began his trial experience as an assistant public defender in Broward County, Florida.

Mr. Sorkin has a large range of practice areas such as, child support, custody, divorce, parenting plans, paternity, disestablishment of paternity, premarital agreements, post marital agreements, probate, family mediation, circuit civil mediation, arbitration, relocation, separation and property settlement agreements, and timesharing plans.

Mr. Sorkin has completed training for Family mediation in November 1989. In 1990, Mr. Sorkin was qualified to mediate family law cases in Broward County Florida. Since 1991, John Sorkin has been a certified family mediator. In 2005, Mr. Sorkin became a certified circuit civil mediator and qualified arbitrator

Robin S. Sorkin


Robin S. Sorkin graduated from Syracuse University and Nova Southeastern School of Law. Ms. Sorkin was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1983 and the New Jersey Bar in 1984.

Ms. Sorkin began her trial experience as an assistant Public Defender in Broward County, Florida where she practiced criminal law from 1983 to 1990, handling misdemeanor and felony cases. At that time, Mrs. Sorkin went into private practice at John R. Sorkin, PA which name has been changed to Sorkin and Sorkin, PL.

Ms. Sorkin primarily practices in all family related areas such as divorce, child support, custody, alimony, parenting plans, marital and property settlement agreements, paternity, relocation domestic violence and modifications.